Thursday, May 7, 2009

Like my new button?!

Isn't it pretty?! You have no idea how much trouble a tiny button can cause - I learned just how much this week!

I entered a giveaway on I Heart Bowheads (a woman after my own heart - who doesn't love bowheads?!?!) Her mom, of Computer Savvy Seniors, offered to make new buttons/banners for the winner. And then offered to make new buttons for all the entrants - little did she know what she was getting into. I think my button aged her twenty years, poor lady. But after much trial and error and frustration on all three ends - the sun shines brightly with my lovely new button that will be used as my avatar on all the websites I belong too now. She is so pretty!

Thank you so much ladies - I am forever in your debt!

Don't forget to enter my May Giveaway for a pair of double-layer toddler bows!!!


Lacie E. said...

I like the button alot!!! THey did a great job.

Computer Savvy Seniors said...

Awe - it was no trouble at all!

Glad you enjoy it!