Saturday, June 27, 2009

Even more Progress!

By last Wednesday I was 2 days behind schedule with making the cheer bows. I had 2 migraines and had caught a cold between Friday and last Monday which knocked me completely flat for 2 days. How does one catch back up?! Besides finally making an appointment to get the proper medicine to fight migraines (though my insurance doesn't deem them necessary so I got to pay full price, woohoo!) one needs to have a bow-making party! Invite your friends! Make it a fun evening of ironing and heat-bonding as well as fellowship and emotional-bonding.

Thats what we did. Our dear friends, D & P, had already been invited to have dinner with us on Wednesday and with their permission, we turned our board-game plans into bow-making. After a great dinner of BBQ'd burgers and putting the littles down to bed; we rented a movie on AppleTV and made bows. D and Hubby ironed the layers together - the manly strength was needed to get all 4 layers to bond nicely. P and I marked and pinned the bows to be sewn.


Layers of sequin fabric (already bonded on silver ribbon) and navy ribbon ready to be bonded onto the white ribbon - these are the large Competition Bows.


Hubby ironing with all his strength while laughing at Jim Gaffigan


D & P helpin' out


Both the large Competition Bows and Game Day Bows ready for the machine stitch

Because we got so much done on Wednesday night, that brought me almost back up to speed in my schedule. I was able to get the rest of the bows marked and pinned and all of them are machine stitched and ready for hand-sewing. I have given myself until July 5th to do all the hand-sewing. Then all I have left is adding the center knot and attaching the pony-o!