Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I just ordered 550 yards....

of ribbon. This is my biggest order yet and I have to be fast! I am making 215 bows for a cheerleading squad in San Ramon. 2 different styles (Game Day and Competition) and in 2 different sizes (small and large!) equals lots and lots of work. And they want the bows in hand by July 17th. That gives me 5 weeks to make 215 bows. I need to make 43 bows each week, 7 bows a day, just to make it on time. Thats if I start tomorrow - but I just got the final numbers tonight which means I just ordered the ribbon tonight. If all goes well, I might get the ribbon in hand by Monday, which means I actually only have 4 weeks to get the bows in the mail. 215 bows in 4 weeks means I need to make 54 bows each week or 8 bows a day. And these are complicated bows. The competition bows are especially complicated. See that sparkle ribbon?! I have to hand-make that ribbon! Its sequined fabric, cut into ribbon widths, then heat-bonded onto other ribbon.

They are beautiful bows though. And this will fund my new MacBook so its well worth it. I can't wait to see pictures of the girls during a game or a competition!

Competition Bows


Game Day Bows