Monday, June 15, 2009

Grand Opening TODAY!

At 5pm PST, the Avant-Garde Congo is having our Grand Opening! There is a ton of stuff in this little "mini-mall". Slings, Mei Tai carriers, fitted cloth diapers, pockets diapers, soft-soled shoes (think Robeez), my hairbows, nursing covers, fleece soakers, hand-made soaps, jewelry and more!

There are penny auctions, lotteries and giveaways! There is a newborn boy gift set that is listed as a lottery for less than half-price! Its a collaboration between 4 different shops - there is an apppliqued onesie, a clutch ball, embellished burp cloths, soft-soled shoes, an embroidered cover and a soft sherpa fitted diaper. All coordinated in a sports theme. Its adorable!

All the designers and artisans are living right here in the Pacific Northwest and all are great ladies to be working with. Check out the shop and anyone who purchases something in this first week is automatically entered into a drawing for a set of brand-new dryer balls. If you don't know what a dryer ball is - its a ball created out of yarn that you put in the dryer. It cuts down on static without you having to use dryer sheets. Good for the environment and good for your wallet.

Click the blinkie to be taken right to our shop!