Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Sister Set

Though the onesie dress might already be reserved for a fellow UWIB member - I am very pleased with this sister set. It isn't finished yet. I plan to take a pair of jeans and turn them into ruffled capris to match the pinafore and need to make a pair of bows to match. The onesie dress and matching headband (a new style!) will have a pair of burp cloths and a clutch ball made to match. And I think that will use up all of this fabric that I have! I might have enough left to make one more pinafore (small one though and possibly not reversible) and I might be able to pull together some bloomers - but we will see.

I love this fabric and think its just perfect for spring. I also tried the pinafore on a 17 month old (who is small for her age) at my Moms Group this morning and while it was a smidgen big in the shoulders, it fit great everywhere else! I think it would have fit a 2 year old just fine and it fits my 4 year old beautifully, so it truly is a top that will last several seasons!


Onesie dress and the first side of the pinafore


Onesie dress and the reverse side of the pinafore


Close-up of the onesie dress and the headband


Back side of the pinafore on Little H


Its not easy taking a picture of a 17 month old!

Come back tomorrow for my Friday Favorites - this time its something for us ladies! :-)


Tip-Tops said...

Oh my gosh!! These are adorable!! I love the fabric. I love-love-love the onesie dress!!